Workers Compensation Defense

With 37 years working as a Private Investigator, R. A. Nosek Investigations offers expertise in Worker’s Compensation Defense by utilizing such key techniques as subrosa, surveillance, (Video and Camera) interviews, witness locating and AOE/COE Investigations (Actions of employee/Course of Employment).

Worker’s Compensation Defense Investigation Techniques have changed significantly during the previous decades and have created a challenging environment for even the most seasoned Private Investigator. Multiple, experienced Private Investigators working in concert during undercover operations are a potentially highly effective method used by R.A. Nosek Investigations for the purpose of determining a fraudulent claim. State of the art camera and video equipment, communications are essential in recording the activities of claimants who file fraudulent claims against any Worker’s Compensation carrier.

The average Worker’s Compensation claimant is generally better informed and better represented than ever before. These facts alone require a higher degree of professionalism and a specialized approach to claims investigation.

Conversely, R.A. Nosek Investigations also has the experience and proven expertise required in order to help verify a legitimate claim through witness interviews, witness locates, accident scene investigation, employer interviews and the AOE/COE process as well as a variety of alternative methods, thus providing the Worker’s Compensation Defense Carrier with up to date reporting and accuracy.

These Worker’s Compensation Defense methods have proven highly effective in defending against fraudulent Worker’s Compensation claims.As an employer, Worker’s Compensation Carrier or Worker’s Compensation Defense Attorney, always insist on the best Licensed and Insured Private Investigator for your difficult Worker’s Compensation Investigation. Your bottom line will Thank-You for your informed decision.