Cheating Spouse

R.A. Nosek Investigations is highly experienced in marital fidelity cases. We understand that clients need confirmation when it comes to the behavior of the spouse or domestic partner. We are sensitive to our client’s needs and all investigations are discreet and confidential.

You have the right to know the truth and we can help. We use the most current state of the art equipment, techniques and data bases used in the industry today. Your peace of mind and the truth is our number #1 goal.

Signs of a Cheating Spouse:

  1. Unusual irritability – A cheating spouse may become irritable over small issues and be difficult to be around.
  2. Signs of car passengers – Multiple cups and to-go containers may indicate that your spouse has been entertaining guests in their car.
  3. Lack of desire – Decreased desire for intimacy may indicate that your spouse is cheating.
  4. Emotional detachment – A spouse who becomes distant or non-communicative might be having emotions for someone else.
  5. Unexplained credit card charges – More frequent ATM withdrawals or meal charges during the day when your spouse should be at work may reveal signs a cheating spouse.
  6. Unexplained absence from home/work environment.
  7. Hurried or surreptitious phone calls – This could easily arouse suspicions when the spouse in question acts strangely trying to keep phone conversations secretive.

You may do some investigation on your own, looking through your spouse’s car, checking telephone bills and computer history files, but be careful. If your potentially cheating spouse has an explosive temper or a tendency towards violence towards you or your family, let a professional help you.