Child Custody and Parental Fitness

Child Custody, Parental Fitness and Welfare Investigation

Child custody, parental fitness and welfare investigations are very significant and emotionally charged issues in any family law proceeding. In order to determine the best interests of the child, the court must consider all the facts presented. This means that regardless of the nature of the situation whether marital or cohabitation, we seek to surface any possible areas of concern. Sound investigative techniques and our experience in these matters will assist you, your attorney and the court through records, testimony and a visual record of the facts. With 43 years of experience in fact-gathering, R.A. Nosek has proven to level this process for the benefit of our clients . Our suggestions may include but no be limited to the following:

  • Factual Review of Court Documentation and evaluation of your case will be conducted.
  • Background investigation of those individuals who is in the company of the child at both the homes and in the public-eye.
  • Specific surveillance (video documentation and/or photographic documentation) of the parent/guardian or person of interest.
  • In-depth background investigation of parent/custodian.

* As needed, discrete interviews will be conducted with family members, associates, co-workers, significant friends or partners, ex-spouses and others, to be determined by the investigator, client or client’s attorney. Investigation regarding previous relationships is always recommended.

* A free confidential consultation is offered to all clients.

* Upon agreement, a written contract is offered to all clients.

* The safety and well-being of your children is our primary goal.