Identity Theft Investigation

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

As technology has advanced, more and more cases of identity theft have popped up throughout the entire country. This crime is not only detrimental in terms of your credit score but can also affect your psyche and cause hours of heartache and stress. When someone steals your identity, you may feel as though you have lost complete control over your own life. Identity theft investigation can help you find the thief and bring him or her to justice, restoring your sense of well-being and allowing you to move on with your life. To help you prevent this injustice from happening to you, we’ve compiled some tips about things you can do to protect yourself.

Take Care with Social Security Numbers

First and foremost, never give your Social Security number out. Your Social is a unique identifying number that is used in numerous confidential situations and that is connected to your financial profile in many cases. Should someone unscrupulous get ahold of this number, it could be used for fraudulent credit card purchases or work authorization, among many other things, that could significantly impact your credibility.

Protect Passwords

Resist the urge to write your passwords down. We know it may seem hard sometimes to keep all your password information in your memory, but try your best to do so. Many identity theft investigation cases have shown that criminals target those with visible passwords written in notebooks or on scraps of paper. Make it harder for others to learn your password, and choose passwords that would be hard to guess and that combine symbols, numbers, and letters.

Shred Sensitive Documents

Shred documents with confidential information before disposing of them. Another trend we have seen through time spent doing identity theft investigation is that many criminals find pre-approved credit card offers or bank statements in the garbage, allowing them to access your confidential information. A household shredder is a small investment to make when it comes to protecting your information and can be purchased at many major retailers.

If you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft, don’t hesitate to call. The earlier the crime is dealt with, the less damage you may suffer.