Fraud Investigation

Do You Need Fraud Investigation?

Though it may be more sophisticated than other forms of stealing, fraud is still a crime. Every year, fraud investigation uncovers thousands of dollars in ill-gotten money and affects consumers everywhere. It is often connected to other crimes, such as identity theft, and can leave you down and out for no other reason than that you trusted what seemed like an honest business proposal or a good deal. Knowing what fraud is and how its investigation is conducted can help you decide when initiating an investigation is the right choice for you.

Fraud is usually defined as the dissemination of false or misrepresented information that is intended to deceive a consumer or other beneficiary. In layman’s terms, if someone sells something to you without telling you all the facts or lies about what you will be getting in return for your services or money, then they have likely committed fraud and could be held accountable under criminal law. Sometimes fraud results in unhappy consumers who end up with non-working products, but in some cases fraud can lead to major financial ramifications, serious injury, and even death.

Fraud investigation happens when a person or a company suspects they have been lied to and makes claims against another person or institution. We meet with clients who suspect fraud has been committed against them and allow the client to explain the situation, citing any evidence that backs up their claim. We ask clients for copies of evidence and may sometimes need access to financial records, employee data, or other pertinent information. From the information provided us by our clients, we look down all possible avenues that could lead to fraud to try to get to the bottom of your case. In many instances, fraud can be discovered after careful review of documents, financial statements, and surveillance footage.

The moment you suspect you have become a fraud victim, round up potential evidence and contact us right away—the sooner we can begin the fraud investigation, the sooner you may be able to recoup your losses and move on with your life.